Creative Deck Ideas And Designs From Geelong’s Premiere Deck Builders

The word ‘deck’ conjures up a rectangular block placed at the front or back of your house or next to the pool. That’s how it was for decades. It is a good way to connect a structure with its surroundings, but landscape design and construction in Geelong has pushed the traditional sense of the word to build creative deck ideas for residents in Geelong & surrounding areas..

Decks can also function as an outdoor entertainment area. Multiple layers, interesting curves and a stunning array of timber and textures represent a palette of possibilities limited only by your imagination. Working with Rigid Landscapes (the best deck builders in Geelong) means that your imagination can run wild on your deck and you can design and build any kind of timber decking. Think attached or stand-alone, large or small. Here’s some inspiration for creative layouts:

  • Outdoor dining decks provide the space for a BBQ, pizza oven or poolside bar.
  • A beautiful tree in your garden doesn’t have to be removed to make more space for entertainment areas. Tree decks provide seating and make use of the shade.
  • Garden Path Decks can encourage exploration by winding through your landscape, leading to specific features and providing some seating along the way.
  • Corner Decks help expand the living space of a small home, enhanced even more by adding glass sliding doors leading onto the deck.
  • Playground decks or tree houses are a great way to keep the kids fit and active, especially if your garden space is small.
  • Outdoor shower decks offer a private refuge for nature lovers, or a place to rinse off before heading indoors.

Before you start exploring creative deck designs, landscapers will ask you to keep a few important factors in mind, like weather conditions in Geelong. We at Rigid Landscapes recommend hardwood decking, because it last for years and years.

The style and architecture of your home is another consideration. Your decking should compliment and add value to your home, increase your square footage and provide enjoyment well into the future.

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