Garden Irrigation Watering Systems

Garden irrigation and sprinkler systems in Geelong

Rigid Landscapes can give you a custom-design garden irrigation systems that suits your budget and your garden’s needs. The size, shape and incline of your outdoor spaces is not a problem, because we can design a bespoke garden irrigation system that works for your situation.

Installing a quality irrigation and reticulation system helps to keep you plants healthy all year round, even during periods of hot weather and little rain. Don’t forget that when you automate your watering, you also need to check on your garden drainage, as poor drainage can cause your garden to become a swamp or a muddy yard!

What types of garden sprinkler systems are available?

For regular garden watering and maintenance, automated garden irrigation systems can have a combination of popups, drippers and soakers, ensuring that all of your plants have their watering needs met. Apart from the type of watering devices you need to use, there are three levels of automated irrigation systems, depending on your needs and your budget: entry, mid and professional levels.

Entry level garden irrigation systems

These garden care and watering systems can have the same set up as a mid or professional level system, the big difference however, is that an entry level system has a battery operated timer. This type of garden irrigation timer is the most affordable on the market, but it has obvious problems when the battery stops working.

Mid-level garden irrigation systems

These automated garden irrigation systems have a garden irrigation timer that operates on 240Volt power and is linked to a solenoid valve that allow specific areas of the garden to be watered at certain times.

Professional level garden irrigation systems

Professional garden irrigation is the same as the mid-level, except you use an app on your smartphone to access the watering system, which is great if you are away for the weekend or on holiday. This system also looks at the weather via the internet and can self determine the watering times depending on sun, heat etc.

If you want to install sprinkler systems in your Geelong home, contact us your friendly landscaper on to discuss your needs.

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