Garden Water Features & Fountains

Water features, wall fountains, waterwalls and spill ways in Geelong

There is nothing quite like the sound of water tinkling from your garden water features to give a tranquil, relaxing and Zen like feeling to your outdoor spaces. When water features are professionally designed and installed, they can completely change the ambiance in your backyard and garden, which is why many home owners in Geelong favour our custom made water features.

A tranquil water feature can also attract lots of native birdlife into your garden, which for people living in the city or the inner suburbs is a wonderful benefit to their outdoor spaces.

What types of water features are available?

In Geelong, you can find garden water features made from a variety of different materials, including stone, wood and metal. Water features can be a stand-alone feature in your garden or they can be a lovely addition to your pool surrounds or even a fish pond. In general, there are three different types of water features.

Wall fountains: These are very popular water features when a standalone water fountain would take up too much space. There are lots of different designs for wall fountains, so you will always find one that suits your style, and adding a tranquil water feature is perfect for small spaces that lack interest or are not big enough to be used effectively.

Waterwalls and spillways: These modern water features are a wonderful addition to your swimming pools surrounds, not only because the glistening cascades of water look fabulous, but also because your kids will have hours of fun playing underneath them.

Water fountains: Whether you prefer the more traditional tiered water fountains or a more rustic terracotta pot bubbling away in your garden, water fountains give us all so much pleasure in our gardens.

Custom made water features

If you want to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor spaces, you can’t go wrong with custom made water features by Rigid Landscapes. For more information contact us to discuss your needs.

Garden water feature and fountains

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