The Importance of Lawns in Landscape Design

There’s nothing like a beautiful expanse of living green lawn. As part of your landscape, a well-maintained natural lawn has no real substitute.

Landscaping and lawn

Yes, there’s a place for pavers and mud. We do need paving and driveways. But lawns have a special place and important role in landscaping design. The advantages of lawns have well and truly stood the test of time. Whether a small patch or a large expanse, a great lawn is inherently uplifting. As part of our outdoor planning, the benefits of having a lawn are far and wide.

When incorporated into your landscape design, a specific lawn will highlight your property and garden. Creating textural shapes, colours and spaces that accentuate the overall plan. Lovely lawns boost the attractiveness of homes and buildings, and are likely to add immediate value to your property.

Your lifestyle your lawn

A well-designed and implemented lawn will also partner with your lifestyle and needs. A quality landscape designer will assess all of the elements involved. The design will include environmental, economic, and maintenance requirements. The design will be catered to the maintenance resources you’ll have available. For example, a lawn for minimal watering and maintenance may be required.

Lawns also play a central role in creative landscape design for reasons beyond their lush good looks! As well as their obvious aesthetic appeal, there are practical advantages to using lawn too. Front or back, where a safe space is needed outside, a healthy lawn is the natural answer. Kids and pets can roll and play on a surface that’s gentle to wellbeing. Then they’re copious lifestyle benefits too. Alfresco dining, outside parties, poolside sunbathing, BBQs. Perhaps a winter fire, under the stars, on the lawn.

Nothing beats a lawn for versatility, beauty and practicality. Shape it, use it, love it, live it. As part of your landscape design, lawns have intrinsic value, and breathe life into your property and lifestyle.