Mini Digger Hire

Earth moving equipment hire and mini digger hire in Geelong

As earth moving contractors in Geelong, we provide a mini digger hire service that comes with an operator, making it easy to move rubble, garden waste and soil around your property.

We specialise in limited access machine work, so if you have a narrow entry point into your property or you need a mini digger to operate in a confined area – call Rigid landscapes for a free quote today.

Do you need small scale earth moving equipment?

Earth removal by hand with a wheelbarrow is back breaking work, so if you have a lot of soil, rubble, mulch, bricks or even rubbish that needs to be moved on your property, mini digger hire will solve your problem fast.

Our mini diggers can quickly transfer all of your residential or commercial waste into your skip or move it from one location to another on your property. Don’t forget that spreading mulch and new soil is made so much easier with mini digger hire, particularly since we send an experienced operator along as well.

Do you need to build a trench or dig a ditch on your property? Maybe level the land or a particular site on your property for building works? How about digging post holes for a new fence? You can do all of this back breaking work yourself manually, but it is so much faster and easier with our earth moving equipment.

Mini digger hire is perfect for the following hard tasks:

  • Spreading mulch around your garden beds.
  • Removing rubble and garden waste to a skip.
  • Transferring soil from a truck to a site on your property.
  • Digging post holes with an auger.
  • Excavating trenches or irrigation ditches.
  • Levelling sites on your property.

Mini diggers are extremely versatile, reliable and stable, operating quite easily in confined spaces, where larger earth moving equipment would be restricted by the limited space.

So if you are looking for excavator hire and earth moving moving equipment in Geelong, call Rigid Landscapes on 0415 345 439 for a free quote.


Mini Digger  / Excavator Hire Geelong

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