Outdoor Entertaining Has Come a Long Way

It used to be that outdoor entertaining meant being uncomfortable and getting burnt. Cramming for shade under the makeshift shelter, or hiding out in the shed. We do love outdoor entertaining, but shouldn’t it be relaxing? Of course it should! And it can, with a bit of outdoors planning.

Outdoor entertainment areas just like indoors – and possibly more so – have a huge potential for creativity. They can even become a feature of your home. Landscaping has come a long way. And now we have so many more choices. In fact, once you start looking at options, ideas just open up. Your outdoor spaces can become not only fantastic entertaining areas, but can really transform your lifestyle.

Comfortable, creative entertaining areas

Planning a new landscape design, retro fitting or updating outside. For all seasons, styles and budgets, there are ways to make your outdoors areas work for you. The possibilities are endless, and adaptable. Built-in benches, angled decks, veranda roofs, outdoor blinds and privacy screens, closed and open patios, pergolas, hot tubs, and pool houses, just name few! You could have your dream BBQ, outdoor bar, and alfresco dining set up and ready-to-serve any time you want!

Use outdoor elements to your advantage

The range of timbers, stones, pavers, decking, metals, and other materials is huge. They all have their inherent qualities and different characteristics. It’s a good idea to get some professional landscaping advice. For example, you may want a certain colour for your timber decking. But you may not know about the ins-and-outs of timber, or the alternatives, availability, suitability and pricing, for example. A good landscape designer will inform you of the choices and present the best options to fit in with your plans.

Of course, being outdoors, your entertaining areas are by nature, married to your garden landscaping. Plants, planter boxes, water and garden features, garden beds, paving and seating, can all be integrated into your overall landscaping design, to create a seamless look with your home and outdoor entertaining areas.