Keeping your lawn healthy all year round

Keeping your garden looking lush all year round can sometimes be a hard task in Geelong, but our landscaping tips should keep you on the right path. As a Geelong landscaper, we know that if you start preparing your lawns in autumn, they will enter the cooler winter months in pretty good condition and be set up for the following spring and summer.

Fertilising your lawn

After years of landscaping in Geelong, we can say without hesitation that fertilising your lawn is the most essential step in keeping it looking beautiful and healthy. Autumn is the best time of the year in Geelong to fertilise your lawn, as it can become too cold during winter. A fertiliser high in potassium, nitrogen and sulphur will improve the structure of the plant’s cells and protect it during the colder winter months.

Mowing your lawn

In Geelong, regular mowing helps to prevent weeds from getting a foothold in your lawn and encourages it to grow back thick and lush. For landscaping enthusiasts, this means that you don’t want your grass to grow too long at any time of the year, so it’s best to always cut it down to its recommended height. As winter approaches however, a little bit of extra height will help to protect your lawn against the colder temperatures and even a light frost. If you aren’t sure about the best height for your lawn, just call your trusty Geelong landscaper for advice.

Watering your lawn

Knowing how often and how much watering your lawn requires to keep it healthy depends on many different factors, from the grass species to the climate and soil type in Geelong. If in doubt, it pays to ask your local landscaping expert for advice, but in general, less frequent and deeper soakings are better than light frequent soakings, and mornings are better than evenings.

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